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Did you hear … the EIHRA is LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com to one of the most common social networking sites.

Launched in 2002, LinkedIn is a social networking site used primarily for business and professional networking. As of February 2009, it had more than 35 million registered users, spanning 170 industries.

Becoming a member of the EIHRA LinkedIn Group allows you to establish new business relationships and ask/answer questions. Also, the EIHRA will use LinkedIn to:

• Promote meetings or conferences using the ”events” tab
• Recognize speakers and sponsors
• Announce deadlines for awards, scholarships and certification
• Share information about recertification, diversity, etc.
• Inform readers about pending legislation, new legislation and grassroots efforts
• Hold discussions on hot HR topics

When you set up your profile in LinkedIn, it reads similar to a resume. You have the ability to list skills, jobs, awards, associations, etc.

In addition, the site allows the user to maintain a list of people they know and trust in business. These people are called Connections. Once you connect with people, a few of the ways you can leverage those relationships include:

• Asking a question for discussion with other HR professionals
• Asking Connections for an introduction to someone you wish to meet
• Searching for potential candidates

You can also give a recommendation to Connections that you have worked with. This is a great way to recognize your colleagues. And, the whole world can see it – versus a letter that only one or two people might see.

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for you as an HR professional and it also brings added value to the EIHRA Chapter.

So, what are you waiting for? … Join the EIHRA Group and get LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com.




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